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Use this area to seek or advertise music lessons. Please be specific, list your area of interest, and post your location. Teachers, please list your preference in terms of experience level & your qualifications.

Caveat Emptor applies here folks. You may use Makin' Music NY for connections relative to this area, but we do not qualify, guarantee, or filter offers in any way. Prospective students must
determine for themselves that they are comfortable with the situation.

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Voice Instruction, Vocal Coaching,
& Lessons in the Art of Performance
Special introductory lesson rates starting Winter 2009!

After touring in Spring and Summer of 2009, Nicole is currently accepting new students at this time. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, Nicole's teaching method will absolutey help to improve the singer in you! Call 201-696-0971 today to make your appointment.

Congratulations! Your visit marks the beginning of your personal journey into being the very best vocalist you can be! Over the 20 plus years I have been performing professionally in the NYC Metro area and all over the United States & Canada, I have gained a method for singing and performing crafted from my experiences during countless appearances in concerts, festivals, nightclubs, private events, work in television, radio, movies, & studio session work. I have studied with some of the finest vocal instructors in the business, and my method compiles the very best of what I took from each of these experiences.

It is important to me to provide an environment where you feel safe & relaxed, so that your learning experience is joyful & fun. I want you to enjoy your journey while building the discipline you need to become and be the very best vocalist & performer you can be.

Study emphasis is on posture, breath support, vocal placement, expanding and using your full range, stamina, your communication with your audience, your unique style, & stage presence.

Each lesson is one on one and tailored on a gradient so that you are able to achieve small breakthroughs each week. The goal is to give you a rewarding experience of accomplishment, and to encourage you to grow.

We also offer help preparing material for auditions you would like to attend or for public performances. My studio is in Bergen County, New Jersey and we can work with an accompanist.

If I may answer any questions for you or be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at 201-696-0971.

Warmest regards,

Nicole Hart

Screen Actor's Guild (SAG)
American Federation of Television & Radio Actors (AFTRA)


"Nicole's vast experiences with music have given her a unique way of looking at and understanding how the voice produces sound. She uses the insight she has gained to teach the "whole" student, not only treating the voice as an instrument, but the entire body, mind, and spirit as dynamic components in the process of singing. Nicole evaluates each student individually to see "where they are" musically, and works with them to develop the singing experience that is unique to them using positive and constructive instruction. Nicole is serious about her art and gives as much of herself as she can to the student who is committed to working hard to better their singing. Working with her is enjoyable and one of the most rewarding experiences in my life."

~ Fatima Valerio
"When we were playing I looked over at you while you were singing and an amazing sound came out of your little body that blew me away!! Your mouth was open but the high pitched, kind of Minnie Ripperton but thicker sound, I SWEAR, was coming out from everywhere but your mouth?? It was so weird; it looked to me like you were mouthing it! Your vocal technique is super human!"

Bob Suede Singer/Songwriter/Producer


Most vocal technique is based on the Classical approach (opera). Now, there is nothing wrong with Classical, but ALL forms of contemporary music, particularly singing, originated from Gospel. From Gospel evolved the Blues, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and Rock & Roll!

Think about it.

Can you hear any resemblance between Pavarotti and Sting? Of course not! So why try to apply Classical exercises which only develop one part of the voice to singing Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Jazz, or Blues? You can’t!

Based on an understanding of Gospel and Blues, The Art of Voice technique utilizes exercises designed to develop eight different parts of the singer’s instrument, the voice! The technique empowers the singer to produce the ideal sounds in any style with ease and certainty. Through lessons and practice the student achieves full control of the following:


whether you are a beginning student or an advanced singer, you will benefit from this technique. Most advance very quickly and children do especially well as the exercises are simple and the practice time required is minimal.


Quality art is 50% technique and 50% presentation. With an instrument, such as the voice, it’s one thing to ‘sound’ good and be impressive. It’s another thing to actually mean what you are singing about and to move and inspire an audience.

With the emphasis on communication skills, The Art of Voice Performance Workshops trains the student in the relationship between the music of the song and the lyrics. Through various drills and theory the student/singer achieves the ability to deliver their message effectively and be totally understood by the audience. The result is pure magic! The impact of this is so great that the student/singer must get used to receiving standing ovations on a regular basis!

Some of the many skills achieved by the Workshops are:

Overcoming stage fright.
Stage Presence.
Stage Manners.
Ownership of the Songs.
Artistic freedom to sing songs newly and differently each time.
Total control over voice, the stage and the impact on the audience.

These skills can also be achieved working on a private basis (teacher and student). However, it is most effective done in a group setting over a short period of time. Showcases in a public venue are performed at the end of the Workshop.

Nikki Armstrong has been teaching voice since 1995 and has also taught acting and dancing. She has performed since the age of 11 and currently sings and records with her bands ‘Nikki Armstrong & Whole Lotta Blues’ (Blues/R&B) and the ‘Nikki Armstrong Project’ (Jazz) as well as guest vocalist with many area bands.

Nikki is a well-respected opinion leader for singers and musicians in the Tri-State area. Her students have performed all over the world from the Apollo Theater to the U.S.S.R.

Here are some of many student success stories:

"From my inner most being, Nikki helped yield the performer the have been striving to be. With vocal techniques, performance exercises, and creative guidance she turned my gifts and skills into one complete instrument of art that I am now very proud of.

Every lesson with Nikki was not only jam packed with concepts, drills, and ideas; they were also all exciting and fun. One amazing thing about working with her was the immediate comfort level that was established from day one. Singing to me is like exposing your soul through your voice and sometimes it is hard to trust and be comfortable with the people you are working with but it was very easy with Nikki.

Within a few months of working together, Nikki helped me hone in on so many sounds, styles, notes, and energy in my voice that I never knew I was capable of creating. This along with her direction and guidance of my performing abilities, I have never felt better performing on stage. She showed me the freedom and control I can have on any stage and/or with any song that I perform.

As I record my new record, I hear sounds and tones that I never before heard myself produce. It is so encouraging to hear how many more timbres I have in my voice and how many more notes are in my range and how much longer I can continuously sing since the last time I recorded (which was prior to working with Nikki).

Nikki has made me a better singer, a better performer, and a better artist at my craft."

Chris Sulit/ Singer/Songwriter

“When I first came to Nikki and The Art of Voice Program, I knew I was going to have a great experience based on the reviews I got from those who knew about her. But I never dreamed of making the gains I did in such a short time! I have been singing since the age of 7 and I am now 22. I had mostly Classical and musical theater training, which did not quench my thirst to learn other genres (styles) such as Jazz, Blues and Pop. In the first couple of weeks of studying with her I was able to produce the coveted sounds of famous singers! I had been struggling to find those voices within me for years and pretty much decided that I would have to ‘settle’. Once with Nikki, I knew that I could fulfill my dreams of being able to sing in any genre.”

“The incredible thing is that every lesson (and I mean EVERY lesson) I had a vocal/musical breakthrough! Nikki gave me not only the fundamentals of technique, but also those of creating, which is what musicians do. In other words, she really taught me to sing these songs as if being sung for the first time. I wasn’t just copying Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, or Billie Holiday; it was me who was singing!”

“On finding my own voice…the number of different timbres (distinctive qualities of sound) that I can create has tripled, at least! This is so great! I can now create so many different feels in my music because of what I’ve learned from Nikki.”

“One last thing, I have always wanted to be able to sing like a ‘soul sister’ and freestyle - now I can! I can’t thank Nikki enough for the power she has given me. When I make it as a big time singer I have her to thank! Thank you Nikki!” - DeAnna Choi

Coaching for specific performances/ recordings is also available.
201 287-1491
Bass Lessons – Bass Masterclasses – Bass Clinics – Bass Seminars

Patrick Pfeiffer is a professional bassist, composer, best-selling bass book author and bass teacher in New York City with over 35 years of experience.

Take your bass playing to new levels:

- Technique

- Grooves

- Soloing

- Reading

- Ear Training

- Theory

- Composition


Video: Backstage Action.

Patrick Pfeiffer is the co-owner of Bass Remedies, Inc.

Home of the famous Bass Immersion Day as featured in Bass Player Magazine.

Testimonials for Patrick Pfeiffer:

“Pfeiffer brings finely articulated grooves, thoughtful ballad work, and head-turning solos to his debut solo release. Although his style and sound owe much to Jaco, Patrick puts his own worthy stamp on the legacy.”

- Bass Player Magazine


“Pfeiffer can take pride in having created a superb recording, bolstered by excellent contributions by his supporting cast of players, original compositions, and a forum for him to demonstrate his commanding abilities on electric bass.”

- Jazz Improv Magazine


“Patrick’s teaching method showed me how to connect the bits of technique I’d collected into a playing style.”

- Adam Clayton, Bass Player, U2


“Of the myriad tools available for bassists, Bass Guitar for Dummies is at the pinnacle of them all.”

- Will Lee, Legendary Session Bassist & Late Show with David Letterman


“The concepts behind constructing effective, ostinato-laden patterns have been dissected and clearly defined. Once in proper command of Pfeiffer’s new terminology, Improve Your Groove serves as an excellent resource for explaining rhythmic integrity, practicing general timekeeping, and will have pupils playing in the pocket from the get-go.”

- Jazz Improv Magazine


About Patrick Pfeiffer

Patrick Pfeiffer is a professional bassist, composer, clinician and bass teacher in New York City. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in music from Arizona State University and his Master’s degree with distinction in Jazz Studies from the New England Conservatory of Music, where he studied with famed bassist Miroslav Vitous. Pfeiffer’s solo CD Fruits and Nuts (recorded with his group Phoenix) earned stellar reviews and a recommendation from Bass Player Magazine. He wrote the international best-selling bass book Bass Guitar For Dummies for the prestigious “For Dummies” series (published by Wiley & Sons, and with a foreword by Will Lee), Improve Your Groove - The Ultimate Guide For Bass (published by Hal Leonard) and Daily Grooves for Bass (published by Carl Fischer).

Besides performing and recording, Pfeiffer teaches bass at the renowned Katie Agresta Studio in New York City and gives clinics on rhythm section playing for bassists and drummers throughout the US.

Pfeiffer’s former clients include Adam Clayton of U2, Jean-Louis Locas of Cirque du Soleil, Mark Wike of the Bogmen, Polygram, Red Ant Records, Arista Records, and other major labels. He has recorded with George Clinton, Phoebe Snow, Jimmy Norman (Coasters), Paul Griffin (Steely Dan), Bernard Purdie (Steely Dan), Carlos Alomar (David Bowie), the KMA Studio All-Stars, and the Gary Corwin All-Stars to name a few.

Pfeiffer is co-owner of Bass Remedies, Inc. (, a company offering live bass seminars with today’s bass-stars as well as internet-based video lessons.


Soloist and Group Harmony Lessons Tracks and Recording

Learn from the pros vocal lessons, coaching, arrangements, and vocal harmonies in all fields of gospel accapella R&B and barbershop harmony etc.

Be taught on your favorite style of music or learn your favorite song as a soloist or group. You may also chose and original song from our list to learn and record at a price

If you want the best, vocal backgrounds and musical tracks for your songs weather they are original or cover tunes let {2smooth Production}, who specialize in this format create them for you.

We also create the vocal harmonies for your songs if there is none from the simple to the most intricate harmonies of today. We teach vocal harmonies for those who want to be vocal arrangers and teachers. We show people who cannot read music to enhance their natural ear playing and how to create their own tracks, vocal, and music harmonies.

We also teach regular one on one vocal lesson. Remember you do not have to know how to read music to make music. Because there is so much talent out there that play by ear, but do not feel there is a place in the industry for them, but that is so far from the truth.
You no why, cause I am one of those natural ear players who elaborate on just those talents.

If you need proof just listen to our songs on the site. I Frederick J. Amorosa Jr. created all track, played all instruments, and harmonies.

You may also obtain {2SMOOTH} to do the harmonies on your next song by backing you up in the studio or on stage.

Therefore, if you want the best, then put us to the test and reach out and call, we are more then happy to talk to you.

For more information on time, schedules and pricing please call Bussiness-732-441-1364
JOSH CHARLES currently accepting limited students for the following:

Learn to Play like Ray Charles ( New Orleans, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Rock)
Ever wanted to learn the styles of Ray Charles, Billy Preston, Dr. John, Fats Domino... it's not written on paper and it's passed down from teacher to student.

Professional recording artist/ performer songwriter > Grammy Eligible for Best New Artist, Song and Record of the Year

I studied with Dr. John and I will teach you how to play these styles in an authentic manner.

Learn harmony, chords, movements, voicings, styles, turnarounds..

Even if you never played before, I will teach you basics of blues and boogie

VERY FEW SLOTS available

1/2 hour, 1 hour lessons available, Flex time and competitive rates

Here's what I sound like so you have an idea of what kind of piano I teach

"He can really play them keys" Dr. John

"Josh has 'magic fingers' .. he's a great player" Stanley "Buckwheat Zydeco" Dural

"Josh Charles, in his style of playing , pays tribute to two New Orleans piano virtuosos, James Carrol Booker III, and Professor Longhair. He blends flavors from both of them into his own tasteful musical gumbo. I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him and look forward to jammin with him in the future." Cyril Nevile

“Healing Time” is a blessing,an artistic prayer,a moment of clarity and grace" David Ritz

"he's (Josh Charles) doing something great for my hometown. The song is beautiful. Our city needs a lot of support and Healing Time is a song that provides that and hope." - Temeka Johnson, WNBA player for the Phoenix Mercury

“Josh’s piece on the endearment of the soul has weight behind it that the national media isn’t ignoring.” – Offbeat Magazine

"Josh has got an impeccable talent for combining the new and the classic styles of writing and performing.....anyone can and should relate to his great music" Richie Cannata ( Billy Joel's Sax Player)

Drum lessons, passing it on:
It is no secret that I am very passionate when it comes to the art of drumming. I have and most importantly continue to dedicate my whole life to study drumming and constantly reinvent myself in the never ending search of different ways to play the drums. And I never seem to tire of that. With that comes also the desire to pass on and share the knowledge I have gained through out my expierence. simply put. I love to teach as much as I love to play. with that in mind I would like to let you know that I am available for private lessons. My teachings are very structured and in addition to "regular" lessons my teachings also include a little bit of philosophy and the spirituality that is so closely knit to the art of drumming. So if you are interested in taking lessons with me or would like a more detailed list of what my teachings include, message me either on my profile here or to learn more about me and my music follow the link provided below

One Love

Study drumming with John La'Cella, a noted performer, author and instructor with over 30 years of experience. All lessons are given in your home on your equipment. Learn proper technique, reading charts, improvisation, dynamics, rudiments and much more. I am accepting students in the Long Island NY area. All ages and levels of ability are welcome. Contact me at: or call 516-205-7331.



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